Products - Accessories

Albert’s Spotwelding is geared to providing you with complete set ups, spare parts, and accessories to match all your resistance welding needs.

Some of the accessories and components available from our inventory include:

weld tips (block, offset, pointed, radius tip, spade tip, swivel tip)

electrode shanks

electrode caps, male & female 

electrode holders (ejector, non-ejector, gun type, offset and standard, platen mount, cylinder mounted)

smart electrodes

standard adapters

90- and 30-degree adapters

stud and nut welding electrodes

laminated shunts

jumpers, wet & dry

weld heads

seam welding wheels

machine arms and caps

water tubes

force gauges

hand-held electrode dressers

This is only a partial list of accessories that we are capable of delivering.

If you need something that is not mentioned here, please call us at 905.642.2506.